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News Report

Kuncheng Lin In GreenFresh Won The "Innovation Star"

Nov 30, 2022

The Senior Engineer Kuncheng Lin In GreenFresh Won The Title Of "Innovation Star" In Zhangzhou In 2022

Carrageenan research engineer

Recently, the Office of the Leading Group of Talent Work of the CPC Zhangzhou Municipal Committee issued the candidate list for the "Double Innovation Star" (Zhangzhou Committee Talent Office [2022] No. 20) in Zhangzhou City in 2022. The senior Engineer Kuncheng Lin in GreenFresh Group was awarded the title of "Innovation Star" of Zhangzhou City in 2022.

It is reported that the title of "Double Innovation Star" is selected from the leading talents and high-level entrepreneurial and innovative teams with good prospects for industrial development, leading R&D level, and breakthroughs in technological research in Zhangzhou City, which needs to go through the process of organizational declaration, qualification examination, material evaluation, on-site defense, and on-site investigation. This year, five talents were awarded the title of " Innovation Star" in Zhangzhou City.

The reward fully affirmed and recognized the ability of independent innovation in the field of marine food for GreenFresh Group, which will further motivate our company to carry on taking efforts in technological innovation, team building, talent training, platform construction, and other aspects. Meanwhile, Kuncheng Lin expressed great honor after earning this recognition, "Thanks to the trust and recognition from Zhangzhou Municipal Government, relevant departments, and the community, and also grateful to the long-term trust and cultivation of the leadership of the company".

Under the cultivation of GreenFresh Group, we believe that Lin will live up to the honor and continue to innovate in the field of marine bio-extraction technology and high-value product application to develop more quality products to serve human beings.

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