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Green Fresh Celebrate Winter Solstice with You

Dec 22, 2023

Green Fresh Celebrate Winter Solstice with You

Winter solstice is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms.

The taste of winter solstice is the soft, glutinous and delicious of southern Chinese sweet dumplings.

It’s also the tender and juicy taste of northern Chinese dumplings. In fact, they can all evoke the taste of home.

Green Fresh Group can provide you with an exclusive Juicy Stuffing Solution.

On the longest day of darkness, we will send you the warmth of winter!

Juicy Stuffing Solution

Product Features

· Reduce the stuffing costs

· Keep the meat tender and smooth

· Improve taste and soup content of the stuffing

Green Fresh Group wish you: Happy winter solstice! Happy family!

Blessings are all putted in delicious food, and all the good things will come to you.

Have you eaten Chinese sweet dumplings/Chinese dumplings today?

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