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News Report

Celebration of Blissful Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 23, 2023

Celebration of Blissful Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. The Dragon Boat Festival is a carrier of inheriting and promoting the national spirit and patriotic feelings while condensing Chinese culture's vein and ideological essence.

Bamboo leaves fragrance accompanied by glutinous rice comes along with the approaching Dragon Boat Festival. To carry forward the charm of Chinese traditional culture, experience the traditional cultural atmosphere, and enhance the spiritual and cultural lives of staff, Greenfresh launched vibrant celebrations for Dragon Boat Festival on the afternoon of June 21.

Q&A Contest & Interactive Game

Participants entered the Q&A contest by scanning the code on their cell phones to answer questions, which involved the Dragon Boat Festival, common knowledge of life, corporate culture and encyclopedic knowledge, etc. It was an active time during this part when scores and ranks led alternately on the big screen, reflecting that brain as well as reaction speed was required in the exciting contest.

Interactive games that came after the Q&A contest rocked the field. All participants were divided into teams for PK in the games like guessing the song name, hand speed PK race, reaction PK race, and number memory PK race, which continuously tested tacit mutual understanding and collaboration among teammates. When all competitions let out, an awards ceremony was held at the same time as desserts and gifts were also prepared on-site.

Highlights of Activity

Outdoor Activities

       Thrilling outdoor activities like table tennis and billiards competitions staged at the park near GreenFresh III drew a sizable crowd. The participants on both teams alternated between offensive and defensive as soon as the whistle blew in the strong smell of gunpowder filling the field. Balls bounced back and forth between the square inches while being perfectly tossed, aggressively smashed and stroke a topspin, showcasing the charm of table tennis to the fullest extent which earned cheers from the audience. Participants played with total absorption to represent unparalleled skills in swinging and hitting accompanied by cheering and shouting.

Looking for an optimal striking point, the player dived, aimed, putted, and hit the ball. A sigh was felt as the ball deflected and a cheer shouted after the ball went into the hole. The participants were fully engrossed in the game and responded to the billiards game with poise, expressing their enthusiasm and reveling in the tense but friendly game.

       The activities have reinforced the bonds between the staff members, and enhanced team cohesion and belonging. Greenfresh members stated that they would remain to do their best and contribute to high-quality development in their positions in the future.

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